Police charge Toronto man after alleged clotheslining incident

Toronto police have charged a man for allegedly clotheslining a motorcyclist and causing a crash.

Police say the alleged offence occurred last week, when a man supposedly found a piece of wire, tied one end to a pole on the side of Queen Street and held the other end, tightening it when a motorcyclist approached. This supposedly hauled the rider off the bike, although there have been no reports of injury yet.

Police charged 45-year-old Phillip Gaudet of Toronto with assault with a weapon, mischief-endanger life and fail to comply with recognizance after the alleged incident. No other details, including a supposed motive, have been released.

One thought on “Police charge Toronto man after alleged clotheslining incident”

  1. “fail to comply with recognizance” may indicate this “sewer rat” is out on bail for some other offenses. Just more proof that it’s far too easy for lowlifes to get bail in our “hug a thug” system.

    Hopefully this sewer rat gets locked up with some bikers who will help him to understand the error of his ways, in whatever teaching method they find most effective.

    (And if you think I’m a racist for using the term “sewer rat”, note that I have NO idea of this guy’s race so you can f*ck off.)

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