Scottish moto-safety campaign is surprisingly non-preachy


We’ve all seen the preachy PSAs: “Speed Kills! Beware!”. And while some of them probably do cool down the most hot-headed riding, many of them do little to curb the average motorcyclist’s enthusiasm. Most motorcyclists might be going a bit faster than Johnny Law would like, but they aren’t doing anything dangerous. It’s the other hazards that you’ve got to watch out for.

That’s what makes this series of safety adverts from Scotland so effective. Sure,the music is a bit lame (although thankfully not the butt rock that accompanies so many cruiser adverts).  But the video above (two more below) gets the message across without giving us a pointless warning to adhere to speed limits, which can often go in one ear and out the other. Instead, it talks about situational awareness, which is what is really going to keep you alive on the street.


  1. Excellent videos. Great for Scottish tourism as well. I”ve seen some great safety videos from Australia that were also excellent but much more technical than these. These are more inspirational than educational, but get the point across that you can still have a lot of fun while not taking stupid chances. Love the music and the slogan.. “Live fast, Die old! “

  2. ManyThanks, Mark !  Masterful & mesmerizing …sublime…who’d have thunk a lowly PSA of just over a minute in length  could elevate both Body & Soul so effortlessly ?
    ps C’mon, if classical ‘music is a bit lame’ so is m/bike riding … both require high levels of skill&precision…you can’t fake that.
    OTOH, rock/modern music & driving a car permit sloppiness that’s undetectable & non fatal. cheers

  3. awesome when governments get past the ” no one do this or we will all die” and get on with ” here’s how to do it safely”

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