Report: Hawaii trying lanesplitting compromise

Hawaii is the latest state to look at motorcycles as a way to combat gridlock, but state legislators have (as usual) gotten cold feet and said no to lanesplitting/filtering.

However, Revzilla reports the lawmakers have instead approved an interesting compromise—they’ve drawn up traffic rules that will allow motorcycles to use the shoulder to move forward in congested traffic. It’s not a blanket approval; riders will only be allowed to use the shoulder on roads that are at least two lanes wide, says Revzilla, and the shoulder must be suitable (wide enough, and pavement in good shape).

It’s not full-on lanesplitting or filtering approval, but it’s a start—the biggest win for North American motorcyclists since California legalized lanesplitting. Now, if Toronto’s filtering pilot project turns out to be a success, maybe we’ll start seeing the same progress in Canada?


  1. I like it. That’s a compromise I wish BC would allow. I know there’s debris on the shoulders but that’s a risk I’d take.

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