Honda to include tracking devices on all new UK models

Worried about your bike being pinched? If you live in the UK, Honda has the answer; Big Red is including a tracking device on all new motorcycles it sells in that market.

It’s a sensible move, as British riders have a huge problem with motorcycle theft, and European market models typically come with more technology than their North American counterparts. Currently, EU emissions standards seem to be driving the manufacturers forward in reducing tailpipe pollution, and EU safety standards are the reason why options like ABS are more and more common, even on beginner bikes.

Honda already has its Honda Ignition Security System as standard in other markets (see H.I.S.S. explained here). This is just one more deterrent for thieves, and it’s easy to implement from the factory.

Honda isn’t using a proprietary design; it’s using the GPS-enabled TrakKing device, built by Datatool, and any road-legal Honda sold in the UK will get the tracker. Existing Honda owners will get a discount if they wish to retrofit the device to their bike. While there is no charge for the TrakKing device on a new bike, the owners will have to pay a monthly service charge to use the service. The device gives real-time information as to where your motorcycle is, and sends an alert if the bike is started without the key, so you can keep an eye on your bike at all times, thanks to a smartphone app that connects up to the tracker.

For more deets on the TrakKing device, see the video above.

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