Racing roundup: Dan Kruger solid in Chinese championship


Canadian ex-pat roadracer Dan Kruger seems to be well on the pace in China this year, earning another pair of podiums in the Superbike Championship’s double-header last weekend.

Kruger earned a second and third aboard his Kawasaki last weekend, once more having some trouble with the Factory Ducati team, which is flying an Italian test rider over with a race-prepped Panigale V4, taking both wins.

However, Kruger’s points were still good enough to put him second overall in the standings,  and his team is also getting some help with suspension and electronics from Japanese technicians this year. Most importantly, he seems to be battling in much better shape than he has been for many months, ever since his crash a couple years back at Suzuka.

Interestingly, Kruger’s press release reads that “With over 20,000 spectators taking in the various forms of motorsport racing, energy was high and racing in China continues to grow exponentially each year. New tracks are opening, Motorcycle Dealerships are opening throughout China as the Government loosens restrictions for large displacement motorcycles.  The organizers have done an amazing job with this event and transformed it into almost a 2 day festival with many different attractions, food kiosks, and product vendors for the spectators to enjoy.” So, for all those whiners who are saying roadracing is dead, it seems that isn’t the case, it’s just pining for the fjords of Norway moved to China.


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