Ford working on lanesplitting-detection system

Automotive giant Ford is working on an onboard electronic system that detects lanesplitting motorcyclists, recently taking out a patent on the technology.

As you’d expect, the system adapts current blind spot warning technology that’s already very common on modern cars. The same sensors and cameras that warn drivers of cars in a blind spot can also be configured to warn of motorcycles approaching between lanes.

Ford’s system is designed to not just warn of an imminent collision, but also potentially intervene to prevent a crash by disabling the vehicle.

This tech isn’t going to see much use in the US or Canada, as California is the only jurisdiction where lanesplitting is legal in those two countries—at least for now. But as we’ve said before on here, pretty much the entirety of the the world is OK with the practice, so the detection system would still be a valuable addition to Ford’s lineup around the globe. Don’t expect it anytime soon; a patent is no guarantee the tech will actually make production. But we wouldn’t be surprised if it shows up on the next generation of smart tech-enabled autos, and that’s one more good thing in the fight for legalizing lanesplitting.

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