Opinion: Growing pains

It’s been the best of times, it’s been the worst of times, to paraphrase Charles Dickens. If he’d ridden a motorcycle (and he died in 1870, so it’s unlikely), then he’d probably have shared our frustration at Canada Moto Guide.

It’s the best of times because the weather is finally glorious and we’re out riding in the warm sunshine. I’ve been pottering around on my Harley, and slowly but surely bolting my old Suzuki dirt bike back together.

But it’s the worst of times because the web site was down for most of the weekend. We’re improving the Forum with all-new software and it failed to migrate properly to a new server. This is tech-speak for “this didn’t fit correctly into that” and, of course, it did it right at the beginning of the long weekend. Fortunately, our new owners at autoTRADER.ca know what they’re doing with websites and now that we’re up and running again, the software that keeps it all humming along is better than it was before. There might be some more glitches before we work out all the kinks, but we’re getting there. This is what they tell me, anyway. I just nod and agree and think about motorcycles.

The basic software behind Canada Moto Guide has not been overhauled in years, until now, and there are growing pains involved with such radical improvement. Normally, we’d have crashed for a few hours and you probably wouldn’t have noticed, but this time around, the long weekend messed us up. Sorry about that.

Actually, I’m not really sorry. It’s too bad you didn’t get to enjoy the website for a couple of days, but I hope you were like me and used the time to enjoy more of your motorcycle instead. Every life must find its balance, and when that balance includes motorcycles, all the better.

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