Friday Fudge

It’s back!

We’ve had a lot of fun writing Friday Fudge over the years, sharing the crazy, kooky motorcycle stories and videos we find while writing the news. Some are funny, some are just bizarre.

So, we’re at it again. Hope you enjoy, but remember—if you see an offbeat motorcycle story, we want to hear about it, so we can share it with everyone else. So, drop us a line if you see something Fudge-worthy.

Ford in the bike biz?

Those crazy cats at Ford. First, they tell us they’re canceling most of their car production. Then they register a patent for an auto that’s best described as a rip-off of the Batmobile. For those of you who missed the scene in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, there’s a sequence where Bruce Wayne/Batman decides his Batmobile is too damaged to continue, and presses a button to eject via a motorcycle, which was apparently ingeniously integrated into the car as some sort of escape pod. Ridiculous stuff, but hey, it’s a comic book movie, right?

Well, some engineers at Ford have put together drawings for a very similar vehicle. It’s a car with your standard driver and passenger seats … and a centre console that turns into a detachable motorcycle once you’re parked.

The reason for such a ridiculous vehicle is a mystery; Ford claims it’s a workaround for urban parking issues, but if that was the case, why not just take the motorcycle in the first place?

Monkey Run rides again

We’ve mentioned the Monkey Run on CMG before — a madcap adventure through rough terrain aboard minibikes, organized by the Adventurists. Turns out they’re looking to sign up riders for the Peru edition right now, and they’ve put together the promo video above. Although, after watching it, most sane riders will stay well away, we’d guess.

The Hole Story

Here’s a couple of adventure riders who decide they need to use a train bridge they find on the trails. What could go wrong? They find out the answer very quickly.

Troubled truant

Ever feel like skipping school when you were a kid? Playing hooky is a long, time-honoured tradition, but this Chinese father was having none of his daughter’s attitude when she wanted to cut class. So he did the logical thing, as seen here: tied her to the back of his motorbike, and hauled her off to school. Thankfully, the police caught up to him and shut the ride down, but he only ended up with a warning in the end, which doesn’t inspire much confidence in the Chinese justice system.


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  1. “I’m holding it all with my balls” has got to be one of the most epic statements I’ve ever seen. I clicked through to the YouTube page and, apparently, they removed the handlebars, lowered the bike to the ground and successfully got it back up the embankment. One of the better ADV scenarios I’ve seen.

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