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Skully helmets supposed to ship this summer

After years of twists and tangles, the people behind Skully say the company’s helmets will be shipping this summer.

The Skully saga is long and bizarre, with the company rocketing into the headlines initially with promises of a game-changing smart helmet. Mucho customers threw money at the startup, hoping to be among the lucky few with the cutting-edge tech when it first hit market (never mind that, in reality, all the original prototype consisted of was some basic comm tech stuffed into a cheap plastic helmet shell).

Alas, those eager customers were disappointed when the company imploded months later, amidst nasty allegations of wasted startup funds, blown on strippers and Lamborghini rentals. But last fall, new owners purchased the company and said they were going to turn the company around. Now, their updated product is supposed to be shipping soon, and they’ve got an improvement on the original model.

The new Skully Fenix AR helmet will come with a carbon-fibre shell, unlike the chintzy plastic of the original. The Fenix will have the same $1,899 MSRP of the first helmet, and has in-helmet heads-up display, turn-by-turn navigation, voice control, rearview camera, smartphone integration with Bluetooth, hands-free music controls. Skully says there’s an anti-fog visor, but doesn’t say if it’s a Pinlock-enabled visor, or just coated. The helmet carries a DOT safety certification.

Skully is taking reservations for the Fenix AR helmet, but says it won’t take any payment until the helmet is ready to ship. For more details, see the press release below.

SKULLY Technologies FENIX AR Smart Helmet Will Feature Carbon Fiber Shell
Augmented Technology Pioneer Now Accepting Reservations for Much Anticipated Helmet; Shipping this Summer

ATLANTA, April 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — SKULLY Technologies, designer and manufacturer of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) wearable technology that enrich and make for a safer mobile experience, announces its SKULLY FENIX AR helmet will feature a carbon fiber shell, making it lighter and more durable than most helmet materials to provide a safer and more enjoyable ride. The company is now accepting reservations for the FENIX AR, which begins shipping this summer. Payment will not be required until a customer’s helmet is ready to ship.

The FENIX AR is the world’s most intelligent smart helmet, bringing riders an unparalleled experience that offers increased safety and optimal connectivity. Retaining the original price of $1,899, set in January 2018, the enhanced carbon fiber FENIX AR features a sleek design with heads-up display, turn-by-turn navigation, voice control, rearview camera, smartphone integration with Bluetooth, hands-free music controls, anti-fog visor and DOT certification.

“We are passionate about transforming our riders’ experience and executing our vision to enrich the personal mobility interconnect by establishing a new standard for safety,” shares Ivan Contreras, co-founder and CEO of SKULLY Technologies. “Our engineers are working around the clock to bring this helmet to mass production, and the addition of the carbon fiber shell is a significant improvement that we’re certain every rider will appreciate. We are proud to make this helmet a reality for the SKULLY Nation, and can’t wait to share it with them this summer.”

Making It Right

Following its acquisition of assets from the former SKULLY Inc., SKULLY Technologies announced its Make It Right campaign. It was created to do just that – give anyone who previously pre-ordered or contributed to the SKULLY Inc. effort via Indiegogo the opportunity to receive a SKULLY FENIX AR helmet, an improved version of the SKULLY AR-1.

“We will ship FENIX AR helmets in the order in which they are received, with a portion of every allotment dedicated to Make It Right registrants,” says John Lauten, COO of SKULLY Technologies. “The passion for the SKULLY Nation has blown us away since we debuted at CES in January. We’re thrilled to be able to bring them a sophisticated helmet that not only looks great but is safer and more durable than previously anticipated.”

To learn more about SKULLY Technologies and reserve the FENIX AR, visit https://skullytechnologies.com/.

About SKULLY Technologies

SKULLY Technologies designs and manufacturers AR and AI wearable technology as a part of the personal mobility interconnect. Its first product, the world’s most intelligent motorcycle helmet, provides advanced technology to promote a safe, comfortable and connected ride. Headquartered in Atlanta, the new company is led by a team of technology, transportation and motorcycle experts, including majority owners Ivan Contreras, founder and CEO of Torrot/GasGas motorcycle brands, and Rafael Contreras, president of Carbures, aerospace carbon fiber manufacturer, and minority owners Western Technology Investment, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, and Daniel Reiner, an investor in transportation technologies. For more information, visit www.skullytechnologies.com.

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  1. Not sure i want to wear all that tech on my head. My wife doesn’t want me carrying my phone in my front pocket, and I’ve had a vasectomy already !

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