Design your custom leathers with Dainese 3D Configurator


Want to design your own race leathers? Dainese is making it easier, with the Custom Works program, which includes a new online 3D configuration tool.

The tool (found at Dainese’s website here) allows you to choose between a set of one-piece or two-piece leathers; then, you can choose a specific suit, decide which style of leather you want (perforated or non-perforated).

From there, you can pick what colours you want for all the bits like sliders, knee and elbow plates, and so on. And, you can upload graphics for patches for the suit as well. Finally, you can choose custom fit sizing as well for another $799.95). You’ll get an order code, and then submit contact information for a Dainese rep to contact you for finalization of your order.

This level of customization will add considerable money to the suit’s expense. Along with the cost of the suit, you’ve got to add $679.95 just to have the custom options, and then each option also adds  money. However, if you must have a Dainese suit (especially if you want one of their D-Air suits), this is a great way to custom-order something that fits you specifically. Just try not to crash in it.


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