Find of the Month: 1975 Honda CB750 Supersport

Welcome back to a new CMG feature, the Find of the Month, where we share some of the cool bikes we find on This month, we’re checking out an oldie from the West, a 1975 Honda CB750 that’s for sale in Penticton, British Columbia.

Here’s something you don’t see often anymore: a relatively unmolested Honda CB750 Supersport. And it’s a 1975, so it has a proper SOHC layout, just like the motorcycling deities intended, with none of that fancy-pants DOHC business that defiled the CB line in 1979.

The trouble with these cool old SOHC 750-4s is that the DIY scene has been hacking them to pieces in recent years, inspired by dodgy artisans on hipster-focused custom bike websites. What’s wrong with air boxes, and why do these self-proclaimed “builders” hate them so much? And why does everything have to have knobby tires?

Looks to be in pretty good nick, for a bike that’s more than 40 years old!

But back to the subject at hand. The seller says the bike was in his family for most of its life (his father bought it in 1978), and that it spent 15 years in a garage, which is probably partly how it avoided being hacked up. It’s had a recent overhaul (tires, carb floats, fork seals, battery) and it looks like it should be good to go. The seller says he’s taken it on several 300-kilometre trips through the Kootenays, but he wants something bigger, so he’s moving this along.

From the photos posted, this isn’t a museum piece because the paint is too faded. But it is a good chance for someone to buy what appears to be a fairly stock CB750 for a $3,500 price. That isn’t stratospheric — prices on complete restorations of these bikes are rising all the time.


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    • Ummmm maybe not the CB900, because for whatever reason, they don’t sell for a lot. At least not around here. But if it was a 750, yes you could.

      • The 900F with the “Continental Kit” (lower bars and somewhat rear-set front footrests) was a serious point of lust for me back in the day. I found the body styling of the DOHC 750F/900F models just so satisfying.

        • I had a DOHC engine in a SOHC frame–an ’81 (??) CB650 motor stuffed into a ’78 CB550 frame. It didn’t handle well, but it was a beautiful bike.

          I sold it to pay first month’s rent when I got married…

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