CSBK approves Ninja 400 for Amateur Lightweight Sport Bike class

When CSBK announced the Amateur Lightweight Sport Bike class, one of the bigger questions about the new series was: will Kawasaki’s new Ninja 400 be legal? And, we’ve just gotten word that it will be.

This makes for quite a diverse selection of bikes available, as we understand there’s likely going to be Ninja 300s and maybe even some of the old 250 models, some Yamaha R3s, some KTM 390s, some Honda CBR300s and maybe even CBR500 models. Should make for good racing!

See CSBK’s official press release below.


Professional Motorsports Productions
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Toronto ON – April 20, 2018 – Canadian National road racing event organizers have confirmed that the new-for-2018 Kawasaki Ninja 400 twin street bike will begin competition in the Mopar CSBK’s Amateur Lightweight Sport Bike with specific restrictions to equalize performance.

The new Ninja 400 will be required to compete using the stock exhaust header pipe and catalytic converter, although an aftermarket slip on tail pipe/end can will be permitted. A full race exhaust, allowed for other machines in the class, will not be permitted.

As well, each 2018 Kawasaki Ninja 400 competing in the new Lightweight category in 2018 will be required to utilize a provided Dynojet Power Commander electronic engine tuning device. The Power Commander, used by many of the competitors in most classes in the series, allows for improvements in performance for production-based motorcycles.

In the case of the Power Commanders made specifically by Dynojet Research in Las Vegas, NV, for the new Ninja 400 in CSBK competition, CSBK will be able to restrict the maximum permissible revs available to racers on-track. It is expected that the initial maximum allowable RPMs (Revolution per Minute of the crankshaft within the engine) will be 9,500.

Maximum permitted post-race horsepower output for the new Kawasaki will be 44 horsepower with the revs restriction as measured on the Brooklin Cycle Racing Official Dynojet rear wheel Dynomometer, although parameters could change as the season progresses.

Minimum permitted post race weight, with fluid levels unaltered, will be 325 pounds for the impressive new Kawasaki, slightly higher than the 320 pounds required of most other machines in the class.

“We are committed to equalization of the various bikes permitted in the LTWT series, including earlier Kawasaki twins, Yamaha’s R3, the KTM 390 series singles and various Honda singles and twins,” explained CSBK Boss Colin Fraser from the Professional Motorsports offices in Pickering, ON.

“Placing the new Kawasaki Ninja 400 among the other approved bikes is a challenge for event organizers, and we expect to make adjustments as we gather more data throughout the National summer season.

“Recent races in Europe and the U.S. have illustrated that it is difficult to align the performance of such a wide range of equipment, but our tighter Canadian tracks will also serve as an equalizer. We still see the new class as a showcase for rider development, following the path of previous CSBK “spec series” success with Kawasaki and Honda.

Special Dynojet Power Commander units designed for the new Kawasaki 400cc sportster should be available in the near future, and competitors planning to run the new Ninja twin should check in with CSBK to arrange delivery of their on-loan Power Commander.

If the weather co-operates, the CSBK Series plan to host an open house-style Dyno Day at Brooklin Cycle Racing in Pickering, ON, a week prior to the start of the CSBK National tour at Shannonville Motorsport Park’s Pro track May 25-27. On the Thursday prior to the opening National, May 24, Official Dunlop spec tire supplier Pro 6 hosts a track day that is expected to attract many of the National competitors.


  1. We need some limits before this escalates into a 600 class. Let’s say 350 cc for twins,450 for singles and 250 should anyone be bold enough to build 3 or 4 cylinders. This should promote development of some interesting light weight performing 450’s. Kawie will just have to build a sleeved down version.

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