Kawasaki announces 2018 CSBK contingency program


Kawasaki has announced its 2018 roadracing contingency program for Canada, with cash and dealership credit for riders in CSBK’s Pro Superbike, Pro Sport Bike and Amateur Lightweight Sport Bike classes.

The rules are fairly basic across all the classes: racers must be a Canadian citizen, have a valid race licence, and must race an approved motorcycle (ZX-10R or ZX6R for Pro Superbike, ZX-6R for Pro Sport Bike, and Ninja 250, Ninja 300 or Ninja 400 in Amateur Lightweight Sportbike). The bike must have the Ninja logo present on both sides of the fairing and the Kawasaki or Ninja logo on the gas tank.

After the race, riders can submit one claim form for each race in which they qualify for a contingency reward, within 30 days from completion of race. Along with the form, the rider must submit a colour photo of the bike.

Kawasaki will only accept official Canadian Superbike results, which must be verified before payment, and there must be at least 10 competitors at the start of the race for the prize to be awarded.

Payouts for Pro Superbike are $1,000, $750, $500, $300 and $150 for finishes from first to fifth place. A season title has a $10,000 payout. Payouts for Pro Sport Bike are $750, $500, $300, $200 and $100 for finishes from first to fifth place, with a $5,000 payout for the season title. Payouts for Amateur Lightweight Sport Bike are $250, $200, $150, $100 and $50 for finishes from first to fifth place, with $1,000 for the season title.

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