Husqvarna announces 2019 mini-moto lineup

2019 Husqvarna TC85

The 2018 spring riding season is barely started, but Husqvarna has already announced its 2019 mini motocross lineup, with three bikes in this year’s range.

All three bikes are liquid-cooled two-strokes, with kickstarter and disc brakes front and rear, with steel or chrome-moly steel frame.

The TC50 is the most entry-level of these bikes, with a centrifugal clutch for easy shifting and WP suspension (!), featuring 205 mm of travel up front (35 mm WP AER forks, air-adjustable) and 185 mm of travel in the rear. The rear subframe is steel. Dry weight is 41.5 kg.

The TC65 has a larger motor with manual six-speed transmission and hydraulic clutch. The TC65 has 35 mm AER forks as well, but with 215 mm of travel (also air-adjustable), and 270 mm of travel in rear. Rear subframe is aluminum; dry weight is 53 kg.

The TC85 has WP’s AER 43 forks, with adjustable compression via fork-top clickers and air pump. Add in a fully-adjustable XPlor PDS rear shock (also by WP), and you’ve got pretty legit suspension for a mini-MXer; as is becoming common in more advanced dirt bikes, the TC85’s forks have a split design, with damping oil in one leg and air in the other. Husky also included a self-cleaning gear selector and footpegs that are also supposed to prevent crud from building up.. This bike is available in 17-14 or 19-16 wheel sizes, depending what size your MX-riding offspring needs. The rear subframe is aluminum, dry weight is 67 or 68 kg, depending which wheel size you get (the 19-16 bike weighs more due to larger wheels).

We haven’t seen an official MSRP yet, but the bikes will be available at Husky dealers in June.

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