Edmonton to study photo-ticketing for loud pipes

It’s springtime in Canada, and that means we’re about to hear the war over loud pipes start up again (no pun intended).

This, the opening shots will be fired in Edmonton, where the CBC reports city councillors are looking at new technology for ticketing loud vehicles, including loud motorcycles.

As always, the move is a reaction by city politicians to a pile of complaints from frustrated citizens. They’re unhappy that police aren’t shutting down noisy vehicles, so now some are proposing a new solution: a photo-ticketing device that hands out citations for loud pipes, just like photo radar does for speeders. The testing was approved by Edmonton’s community and public service committee, and the devices will be on the city’s streets this summer. Supposedly, this will solve the issue of police not having time or interest to deal with noise complaints.

Along with the new photo devices, the committee is also looking at introducing more laws to fight vehicle noise. Predictably, loud pipes enthusiasts are already fighting back, saying they need noisy exhausts for safety purposes. Stay tuned, because this is just the first battleground for the 2018 riding season, and you know we’ll hear more from Edmonton and other cities as the year goes on.

18 thoughts on “Edmonton to study photo-ticketing for loud pipes”

  1. All for this 110%. You know it’s getting bad when even their riding buddies don’t want to be seen with some Attention-seeking, Wanna-be Dooshbag and their loud pipes. Well, you’ll get all the pictures of you and your Loser-Cruiser you can handle now. Pay up, Sucker.

  2. I’m a motorcyclist and car enthusiast, and even I hate overly loud exhausts. Loud pipes are obnoxious. Period. The age-old argument that ‘loud pipes save lives’ should be put to rest, as it has been proven time and time again that they don’t. I mean think about it logically for a moment; the sound waves are traveling out the pipe(s) in the opposite direction of the motorcycle. How does that protect the rider? A good proportion of the riders I see on bikes with loud exhausts are the ones just wearing cheap half-helmets, t-shirts, ripped jeans and running shoes. If these people are so concerned with safety then they should they should have invested the several hundred dollars they spent on straight pipes on proper riding gear.

  3. Should have a truck or bike meet in front of this ridiculous thing and set how many tickets they can hand out from all the noise.

    1. I already live pretty near in the damn country. I’m in Stoney Creek, there’s farmland only a couple hundred meters from me. But I live near an intersection on Centennial parkway so I get to hear all the straight-pipe Harley morons and loud heavy truck and diesel pickup idiots stopping and starting from the light.

    1. That’s “Ryan’s a whiner”, and if you’re going to comment on me by name, why not reply to my post?

    2. And btw, I don’t think wanting to be able to enjoy my property without having my eardrums assaulted by vehicles that are louder than they need to be for any sensible reason is “whining”. But if you disagree, maybe I could drop by your house some evening and fire off an air horn every minute or two. Oh, that’s right, if I did that the police would be called out and I would rightfully be charged with creating a disturbance (or something like that). But if you do the same thing while moving apparently it’s all OK.

  4. My next noise pet peeve after overly loud Harleys (and let’s not kid ourselves, when it comes motorcycle noise issues, it’s mostly cruisers, particularly Harleys), is loud heavy trucks. I suppose a lot of their owner/operators must be Harley guys, because apparently they’ve decided unmuffled straight pipes on their trucks are also cool. Or maybe they just want the little bump in performance, or not to pay for proper replacements when the originals rust out. I don’t care – I shouldn’t be able to hear a tractor trailer or dump truck from a mile away. As for the diesel pickup guys with 6″ exhausts and no mufflers? Dicks, the whole bunch of them.

    I know some people love a whole lot of noise, but I don’t see any reason the rest of us should have to put up with it. It bad for our health, the enjoyment of our properties, and just generally annoying.

    Speaking of dump trucks, I also wish something would be done (or the existing rules enforced) to stop these guys from dragging half the freaking construction site out onto our roads, in the form of mud.

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