New all-carbon modular helmet from AGV

AGV has just introduced a new modular helmet with its shell made entirely of carbon-fibre.

The new SPORTMODULAR is the only modular helmet on the market with complete carbon-fibre construction, and that means it’s extremely light, at 1295 grams (2.85 lb.). Considering the typical high weight of flip-front helmets, this is a big benefit. The carbon-fibre also means it’s still a strong helmet, despite the lightweight construction. AGV says it offers protection on par with the Pista GP R helmet, but the company’s press release does not say whether that translates into a DOT or Snell or other safety rating.

Other interesting features include a reversible crown that can be flipped around to vent air for a cooling effect, or block air during cold-weather rides. The viewport offers of 190° horizontal vision, and  85° of vertical vision. And, AGV says the helmet underwent 1,000 hours of wind tunnel testing to get the aerodynamics right. It’s also available in several colour options, but it’s hard to imagine most users wanting anything other than the raw carbon-fibre finish.

We just received our test unit and will give it its first work out this weekend. It ships in a very cool solid helmet case. Later this year, we’ll let you know how it works out.

The SPORTMODULAR retails in Canada for $999.99 plus tax.

Find more details on the SPORTMODULAR helmet at


    • I’m sure everyone is trying to be the first to pass Snell, cuz they’d sell a jillion if they could figure out how.

      I expect it will carry ECE in Europe and MAYBE both in the US.

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