Canada Moto Rallies announces Fundy XPLOR event

"Where next?" Actually, the GPS instructions were flawless, and the route's mapbook was pretty easy too (unless you destroyed your speedo cable like I did).

There’s a new adventure bike event starting this year on the east coast—the Fundy XPLR Rally.

Canada Moto Rallies is introducing the XPLR event this year, running the July 14 weekend out of Adair’s Wilderness Lodge near Sussex, New Brunswick. That’s the same area where Canada Moto Rallies has run the Fundy Adventure Rally for the past few years, but this isn’t just a carbon copy of that event.

The XPLR Rally doesn’t run on pre-determined routes, but instead, focuses on navigation smarts, sort of like a motorcycle-based geocaching event. Riders will be using their GPS to reach pre-determined locations, in an attempt to earn the most points. Harder locations are worth more points, easy locations are worth less. This means there’s going to be strategy involved, as riders will have to choose between traveling to a lot of easy locations for a lot of low-reward waypoints, or traveling to difficult locations for high-reward waypoints.

This also means riders can tackle the rally at their own speed, as there is no minimum amount of distance to finish. It also means no two teams will be following the same route all day, so you won’t be stuck behind someone else’s dust.

Like the Fundy Adventure Rally, the XPLOR rally is a team event, for safety. Like the Fundy rally, the XPLOR rally requires that you use a properly set-up adventure bike, with at least a 19-inch front wheel. and two GPS units per team. And of course, there’s a cost too; right now registration for the weekend is set at $100 plus HST.

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