Husqvarna announces Canadian pricing for Svartpilen, Vitpilen models


Husqvarna has announced the MSRPs for its 2018 Svartpilen and Vitpilen models in Canada.

When we first saw the Svartpilen and Vitpilen concepts at EICMA, the question was if they’d even reach production. Then, it was whether they’d come to Canada. With that confirmed, pricing was still a mystery, until now. Husky has the 2018 MSRPs, and these bikes are definitely commanding a premium price.

Both the Svartpilen and Vitpilen come in a 401 (pictured below) and the Vitpilen also comes in a 701 configuration (pictured above). The 401 models are based on KTM’s single-cylinder 390 platform, as also seen in the RC390, 390 Duke, etc. The 401 Vitpilen and 401 Svartpilen both have a $6,999 MSRP.

The 701 configuration is based on the KTM 690 engine, as used in the 690 Enduro and more recently in the Husqvarna 701 Enduro and Supermoto models. It’s the pinnacle of thumper technology, but that performance comes at a price. The 701 Vitpilen has a $13,999 MSRP this year.


  1. Larger speedo display would be nice. Looks a bit small for my eyes at a quick glance while riding. Otherwise a nice bike if a tad pricey at this disp. level (401). At 701 price I might cross shop a Thruxton.

  2. Call me when they release a Nuda II using the new BMW 850 motor but with 315 degree offset crank. These Pilens are nice, but they feel like foreplay. A Nuda II would be the climax.

    • You`re not likely to ever get a call.The KTM Group won`t be using BMW engines any time soon,that`s one of the reasons why Pierer dropped the Nuda in the first place.Having recently released their own 799cc twin it would be rather silly to use the engine of a rival company.Don`t expect them to reuse the Nuda name either.

  3. Love the whole concept, and despite my inclination for things a bit out of the ordinary, I can’t quite warm up to the styling. Not sure why. And i loved the B King.

  4. Awesome machine, light, agile, great components, beautiful and original design and finish. It’s great to see Husqvarna back in the road bike business.

    A bit pricy but quality has a price.

    If you prefer jerky throttle with lots of plastics and ugly design and a lousy suspension you can always get a Yamaha.

    Build great machines and people will buy them, last year Ducati’s sales were up in a declining market.

  5. Presumably we are all here because we like motorcycles. With that in mind, why so much negativity? I rode a Duke 390 and loved it and I would love the Husky as well I am sure. If any rider chooses to spend his or her money on one of these bikes, that is fantastic and good for the sport. If I choose a different bike does that make me an ugly ass loser, someone to be critisized? One of my favourite things about bikes is that there are endless choices of a bike and farkles. To each their own. It would be so nice if we could all work together to grow our sport instead of echoing societies descent into negativity and chaos. Very sad. Methinks Mr. Harris would not be impressed. Can’t we all just get along and try positivity? Cam

    • Personalty i`quite like them and more so than the first time i saw them.My only gripe is their prices over the KTM when they don`t give you anything more but a different styling.I know the reasons why (Translation bellow) but still see it as a rip-off and they could sell more of them if they were priced competitively.Of course if someone doesn`t mind paying the extra that`s fine.and no you`re not an ugly ass loser,just lucky to be wealthier than me.

      “With the Husqvarna brand, we want to offer simple and “differentiating” products, certainly less consensual than most models in the KTM range. Clearly, with the current trend of neo-retro among others, we also know that there is a customer ready to put the price for outstanding products, people rather well-off, CSP +, “trendy”. We are aiming for “dormant licenses”, motorcyclists who were no longer driving and the character of the Vitpilen could encourage them to get back on the handlebars, and of course, the A2 licenses. A KTM model equivalent or close, Husqvarna are 5 to 10% more expensive.”

  6. the 401 is meant to compete with the likes of ducati sixty2, which is also insanely priced. $6999 is doable. and i’d definitely rather be seen on the 401 than an ugly ass ninja.

    • agreed. the 401 is $1200 more than a 390, that doesn’t seem too much a dealbreaker, whereas the 701 is 4 grand more than the 690 Duke, which is itself a fine looking ride, imho. Plus there’s the competition of the awesome Husqvarna 701SM.

      For me the real problem with the smaller Pilens is their silly small fuel tank: my 2016 390 Duke (same engine as 401) had me always thinking about the whereabouts of gasoline. I replaced that bike with the 2017 390 Duke which has a bigger tank with not great but decent range. But both these 401s have even less fuel capacity than the 2016 390 Duke by about a half a gallon. That’s just mad impractical, especially for bikes that beg to be given some stick

  7. Just makes me want the new Ninja 400 even more. Mr. Black and I are on the same page. I love the aesthetic of the new Huskies, but function over form is my mantra. The Ninja kicks sands over all of the other small bikes, plus it looks cool. I just hope we get the Orange and Gray, or Blue, with ABS. Cam

    • The 400 is a nice bike, the 650 too, I wish they’d made a 900 with the same spirit (light, comfy and sporty looking)

      Still in 2017 Kawasaki sold almost twice as many Ninja 1000 than Yamaha sold its weird looking MT 10s in the UK, that should tell us something.

      • Yes, that the MT-10 is weird and ugly looking. There’s just no two ways about it – its performance may be stellar, but it looks like it fell from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Not even ugly in a “Transformers”/origami style, but more like a R1 with the fairing removed, and what’s under the fairings is not pretty.

  8. Ouch! The 401 will be $7838.00 including GST and PST. What’s the typical documentation and freight fee? Another $5-600? A 375cc motorcycle made in India that cost $8200.00?

  9. Just want to correct something

    The engine used in the KTM 690 Enduro is an older version of the 690, the one used in the 701 (both 2017+ Enduro/Supermoto and Vitpilen) is the same as the one used in the 690 Duke, which is updated, has a lot of new components (no more rocker arm issues) and is more powerful.

    • It’s “based on” it, like the article says. But you’re right, this version is in a much hotter state of tune, same as found in the 690 Duke R, which sadly is not available in Canada.

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