Barn Find Competition and $20,000 in Show Bike Prizes at Toronto Motorcycle Spring Show

There’s a new twist on the usual bike displays at next month’s Toronto Motorcycle Spring Show—patina is back in style, and it’s coming to the Showbike competition.

The red carpet display is back this year in Hall 2, with 80-90 bikes from private collections. You’ll see machines of all vintages here, back to the earliest days of motorcycling. If you think you’ve got a machine worthy of exhibiting, you can find information by contacting the showrunners (website link below).

The Showbike competition is back this year as well, with $20,000 in cash prizes as well as other awards. But, there’s a new class in the Showbike competition, looking for the “Best Barn Find.” According to the show’s website,

“The Spring Motorcycle Show is searching for some great examples for this feature display. Rusty heaps or beautifully patina’d ready-to-rides, basket cases or large lumps; they should look like they were just pulled out of a barn. (sounds like most of Zac’s motorcycle collection—Ed.)

If you own one of these long lost motorcycles we invite you to bring it into the Show. Your bike will be judged, with winners in 1st, 2nd & 3rd place along with cash prizes. Don’t clean it up! Ideally it should be in ‘as found’ condition. Your entry fee will be waived and you will be a guest of the Spring Motorcycle Show for the weekend.

Does your barn look like this? Maybe you have something for the Spring Show’s Barn Find class.

As well, the show’s invited the usual horde of younger racers, from off-road and street racing—even flat-trackers. There’s even some older riders representing here, who are just now taking up competitive motorcycling after years of riding. Reps from Ontario’s Provincial Youth Enduro Championship, the Alpha MX training program and other racing bodies and teams will be there, to help you learn how you can get involved and support the sport.

For more information on the Spring Show, including details on how to register for the Showbike competition or how to include your motorcycle in the Hall 2 red carpet display, visit the show’s website.


  1. “Should look like they were just pulled out of a barn.” Well! 40 years ago I purchased an old motorcycle which had spent the previous 28 years stored (because it would not run).It was in – – the embalming room of a funeral parlour. It was in mid-winter when I took it home. The first time the temperature was above freezing I started to do a tune-up on it and in about 2 hours had the 1933 motorcycle running. A full overhaul and preservation exercise followed. The bike is now 85 years old.
    Too many older bikes are left to deteriorate with the silly idea that “barn fresh” somehow increases their value. Maybe it does for some people. Not my view.

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