BC border-jumper pleads guilty

Snow tire rules in BC aren't good for motorcyclists.

Remember that story about the BC border jumper? It turns out he’s pleaded to a list of charges.

Some CMGers will remember the story of the cross-border hoon who jumped a motorcycle across the BC-Washington border on a stolen motorcycle with stolen plates, then fleeing on foot, changing his clothes in a nearby mall and fleeing again in another vehicle. It sounded like a mash-up between a Steve McQueen film and an Elmore Leonard paperback.

However, the story ending is far less exciting than what you see in Hollywood or the pulp novels. The perp (49-year-old Brent Vernon Charpentier of Langley, BC) has pleaded guilty in a BC court this week, the Aldergrove Star says. The paper says the charges included “possession of stolen property, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and driving while his licence is suspended.” His sentencing is March 28.


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