Air Canada motorcycle shipping program is back!

AIR CANADA motorcycle
Air Canada Photo: Brian/Wikimedia/ CC 2.0

Air Canada is running its discount program for motorcycle shipping again in 2018, and they’ve just determined the prices.

In the past few years, Air Canada has been running a promotion that allows riders to ship their motorcycles in the cargo holds of widebody jets. We’ve had several CMG readers who’ve used the service, and while there’s been some confusion over pricing in the past, most have been happy with the service and pricing.

Now, Air Canada says it’s offering the program again, for its usual April 1-September 30 season. But unlike years past, which saw the airline offering flat rates through its promotional materials, customers must now call in to get pricing on flights. And, we’ve been told that the price tag is higher this year, thanks to increases in the cost of jet fuel.

Remember, Air Canada only offers this service to specific destinations. In the past, South America has been on the list, then off the list, thanks to issues with government red tape on the other end. However, flights to Europe and inside Canada should be back on as usual. For more details on how to prep your bike, where you can fly to, and how much it will cost, your best bet is to contact Air Canada after checking out their documents on the shipping process.


  1. I am flying to Santiago on October 30 in business on AC. Any tips to.gst my bike down with me? I was told 2900 one way on the phone today!

  2. Hello there.

    I wonder if Air Canada Cargo can handle my motorbike from YVR to BKK / SGN? I’m in the midst of preparing my journey to ride from EU to YYZ and all the way to USA and final stop at YVR.

    Need help. Please.

    • Hi Azzuwar,

      We are able to move your bike to Taipei, from there we can look into moving it to BKK or SIN with another airline. However, we are subject to the other airlines rules and regulations for shipping dangerous goods and motorcycles.

      Please send your request to, the team there will be able to look into pricing and routing options for you.


  3. I just got a price for Calgary to Edinburgh. Could go to LHR, but the bigger airport is more hassle and one has to arrange for a broker at LHR. The idea is to fly into an English-speaking airport – and then, if one wants to go to the continent, take a ferry!!
    The price I was told would be $1350 YYC-Edinburgh and 765 quid return, which is about the same. So $2700CDN. To take my tiger home to the land of its birth. I’ve spent that much or more for about 3 weeks in Italy, so it’s not too horrible. Not cheap, but worth it for a long trip, as others have noted.

  4. Hello,

    Just wanted to clarify the Fly Your Bike program for 2018 actually starts April 1st, 2018. Bookings can be made 30 days out from your requested date of travel, if you give us your alphanumeric booking confirmation we do try our best to ensure your bike flies on the same aircraft as you. However, due to size of the aircraft for some of our flights (mainly in Canada) your motorcycle may not be able to travel with you as we need to move the bike on a wide body aircraft – Boeing 777, 787 or Airbus 330.

    • For your infi, the cost for Montreal to Paris = 1400$ , return 1800$, total CAD 3200$. You have to book return trip by calling in Europe yourself, Air Canada doesn’t handle the return trip from Canada (informations as of March 1st, 2018).

      Not too bad for a longer stay but make sure your bike insurer covers you in Europe (mine not) so possibly extra cost there also.

      • Hi GIlles,

        Those would be the prices without a ticket on Air Canada, if you have a ticket with Air Canada the rates are discounted for the Fly Your Bike program.

      • I called my travel agent and he gave me a quote from Trono to Rome $800 Canadian each way on the same jack with air transit

    • Having used trucking once, sea containers twice and Air Canada three times for shipping over the past ten years, Air Canada is the easiest, least complicated, and price comptative. My wife and I have shipped our bikes with Air Canada Toronto-Bogotá, Santiago, Chile-Toronto and Toronto-Edinburough. The Edinburough flight was the most recent, two and a half years ago, and the cheapest ($800 per), down from $2600 and $1800 for the first two. We will fly them home this fall. In all cases the bikes were flown panniers loaded and attached. Dangerous goods inspection is not done by AC, but an outside company. It is taken seriously and is a cost, regardless of where you are flying from.
      The easiest flights originate in Toronto. AC partners in the various destinations handle your return arrangements so the process will differ from your outbound as you are dealing with a foreign country. Language can be a barrier. It is never simple but understand there is a process and persevere.
      We have been able to make the costs realistic by riding in six week segments, finding storeage, coming home for a few months, returning and carrying on. This program has allowed us to visit 57 countries on our motorcycles, so far.
      Thank you Air Canada!

  5. Best destination to me is Germany. I spend 5 years of my life there and know about Autobahn from my own experience. I would like fly there with my wife and motorcycle and ride there as fast as my motorcycle engine can.

    • Hi Numbbone,

      The price is not based on weight but on the pallet position taken in the aircraft cargo hold, so whether you have a sport bike or a cruiser the price will be the same.


  6. This is NOT a walk in the park. I think it’s pretty expensive and there is quite a bit of coordination to ship your bike, store it and catch up with it at the other end. Priced out Montreal to Calgary to see my mates in Terrace and it was $1500 CAN one way and you don’t fly with it.

  7. “price tag is higher this year, thanks to increases in the cost of jet fuel.” that old chestnut eh? LOL. Well, glad to see AC offering it again regardless. At least one more option to get your ride somewhere cool.

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