Harley-Davidson trademarks “Revelation” name for electric drivetrain


Harley-Davidson has trademarked a name for its soon-to-come electric drivetrain.

Reports from the US indicate Harley-Davidson has trademarked the name “Revelation” in association with electric vehicles (not the vehicles themselves, but components, particularly drivetrain assemblies and batteries).

Of course, that sounds a lot like some other famous Harley-Davidson engines: the Evolution, the Revolution and Revolution-X.

We can expect to see the new Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle by 2020, according to the company’s marketeers; in last month’s flurry of MoCo news, along with the details on the company’s finances, we also saw a re-up on the promises of an electric motorcycle in the coming months.

We still don’t know what the bike itself will be called when it makes it to market. Of course, the concept bike, which made the rounds in 2014-2015, was called the Livewire. It’s been a few years since that machine was visiting dealerships, though, and by 2020, we’ll likely see some changes to that original concept.


  1. If the electric bike they bring to market is as much fun as the Livewire was on the test ride I had, it will be a hoot! I was very pleasantly surprised by it. That said, I’m still a dyed-in-the-wool internal combustion engine guy, but I guess electric propulsion will prevail eventually!

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