Trio plans second attempt at Alaska-Argentina ride on electric bikes

Photo: Expedition Electric

A few months after their first attempt failed, three motorcyclists are once again planning an Alaska-Argentina ride on electric motorcycles.

Some readers might remember that back in 2016, Danell Lynn, JC Davis and Greg Smith had worked out a plan for a ride across the length of North America on custom-built electric bikes, mashing up a KTM 950 chassis with a battery-powered drivetrain. That attempt fizzled when the group had a battery failure in BC.

Now, Lonely Planet says the group is at it again., either this year or next. They’re hoping to take newer bikes; the original machines were expected to have a 300-mile range, but the riders were only averaging 120 miles a day when the tour ended. Obviously, that wouldn’t work for an Alaska-Argentina run, unless the team has a lot of time.

As well, the trio is hoping to get a TV company on board this time, to film the adventure.

Find out more about the Expedition Electric team at their website.


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