Report: Alta Motors to release high-spec version of Redshift MX bike

alta motors redshift st

Alta Motors has already proved it can build a battery bike with performance that equals an electric motorcycle, but the latest hot rumour says there’s a hot-rodded version of its motocrosser coming soon.

Asphalt & Rubber reports Alta Motors is said to be working on a high-spec version of its Redshift MX bike, dubbed the Redshift MX R. It’s supposed to be lighter, recharge more quickly, and have less risk of overheating the battery. Theoretically, it would be more appealing to racers, although as always, the first struggle with an electric bike is finding a race series that will allow it in.

Given A&R’s close connections to Alta insiders, this is probably not idle gossip, so we’d expect to see this bike soon. For more details on what’s expected with the new machine, check out Jensen Beeler’s piece on Asphalt & Rubber.

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