New motorcycle collective workshop opens in Vancouver


West coast motorcycle owners looking for a spot to wrench now have a new option: the Vancouver Motorcycle Collective.

Founded by Samson Lang, owner/operator of Rising Sun Motorcycles, the Vancouver Motorcycle Collective is a kick back against rising real estate costs, which make it hard for riders to find space for wrenching. We first saw this trend in the US, with moto-garage collectives patterned after similar establishments in the bicycle work. In an age where renting a garage to work on your bike is becoming prohibitively expensive in urban centres, motorcyclists are banding together to have access to shop space. A good example is Toronto’s Moto Revere.

The Vancouver Motorcycle Collective is based in the same building as Lang’s Rising Sun Motorcycles, and like similar outfits in Canada and the US, offers not only workspace but also education. Interested riders can take courses teaching how to work on engines, electrical systems and fueling systems—more information  here. The Collective also offers storage, either by the day, or long-term, along with pickup/delivery service.

Like most of these shops, the Vancouver Motorcycle Collective runs on the membership model. You can see the rates listed here; find other details (shop location, hours, etc.) at the shop’s website.

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