Harley-Davidson to introduce “Snow Hill Climb” racing at X-Games


Ever heard of hill-climb racing in the snow? Neither have we, but apparently Harley-Davidson is going to introduce this as a medaled event at the X-Games Aspen, which air on ESPN this weekend.

From the video above, it seems Harley-Davidson is going to run this event with modified Sportsters, which is a bit odd, as the MoCo has been focused on trying to push its liquid-cooled Street lineup at these sort of events lately, and the Street’s liquid cooling system would likely make tuning easier in the cooler temperatures at a winter X-Games event.

The bikes will race up the SuperPipe course (usually used for snowboarding, etc.) in a head-to-head battle; no bracket racing nonsense here!

The final events in this new snow hill climb are supposed to run on Jan. 28 (Sunday) at 10:45 PM EST on ESPN, but we’d check the local cable/satellite listings to make sure, if this is something you’d like to see.


  1. I think this is kind of cool, but I liked old fashioned hill climbs. Maybe because BSA’s were so successful at it, would be nice to see a Beeza privateer whip the group at this event.

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