Review: CKX Quest helmet

This summer, I didn’t ride nearly as much as I usually do.

Work obligations kept me away from riding for far too long.  Typically a riding season sees me riding well over 10,000 km, going through at least two rear tires on the rocky trails of southeast New Brunswick.  That said, I did ride quite a bit early in the summer and got a bit of a fix in the fall, once road construction season wound down. Despite this lack of time in the saddle, I was able to grow fond of the CKX Quest helmet (initial impressions here).

I’ve had a few nice long day rides with friends in the trails of Albert County. Those days have given me time to wear and appreciate the CKX Quest Helmet.  I’m happy to report that it’s not as warm as I had predicted. It does have less air flow than some off-road helmets, a trade off for a quieter helmet. This quietness is appreciated on long days on the asphalt.

The padding, once broken in, is very comfortable; the quick-release chin strap is a welcome feature and the tinted drop-down visor is very useful on sunny days.

On Thanksgiving weekend, I finally removed the beak for a mostly asphalt ride. Removing the beak is as simple as popping two small covers off, removing two screws, pulling the beak off and replacing it with two side plates and a small cap. Even taking the time to clean the lens while it’s loose, it’s a two-minute job. Riding at an average of 80 km/h on winding country roads, I quickly appreciated how it made the helmet quieter and less prone to catch in the wind.

Out on the trails! Charles was happy with the CKX helmet, and felt it offered a good deal for a budget-conscious motorcyclist (read: KLR rider).

Overall I am quite happy with this helmet; as a budget-conscious ($189.99 MSRP) adventure helmet it comes with a good set of features, removable beak, drop down tinted lens, quick release ratchet strap. It’s lighter than my previous helmet and this translated to less neck fatigue after a full day of riding.

My only complaint would be the lack of a bright-coloured option. In the current safety-conscious world, bright paint (say neon yellow, orange or even a white option) would be much appreciated. Looking at the CKX lineup, the snowmobile version of this helmet does come in a bright orange. This might be a good option if you’re looking to stand out in traffic.


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