China builds an edgy Euro-style naked bike


CFMoto is back with another interesting naked bike that looks very similar to an established model in the market.

In the past, CFMoto sold a 650 cc parallel twin in Canada that looked an awful lot like models sold by Kawasaki. Now, it’s supposedly bringing a much larger motorcycle to market, based on a concept unveiled in China. This bike is supposed to eventually enter production in some form, says Visordown.

The bike has styling very similar to KTM’s Super Duke series of motorcycles and a full-sized liquid-cooled V-twin that also looks very Austrian, which makes a lot of sense when you remember KTM and CFMoto announced plans for a team-up four years ago. Since then, we’ve had nothing but radio silence on that front. Could this be the big reveal of the results from that arrangement?

Alas, no matter whether or not this bike makes it to market, we won’t see it on Canadian showrooms, as earlier this year, the distributor announced it wouldn’t be selling the bikes anymore in our country.

A nice-looking bike, but not coming to Canada.


  1. My understanding is that the distributor did not support the bikes very well after they were sold. If you look carefully, you will see how quality has improved in Chinese Motorcycles. An example would be the CSC RX3 mini-adventure bike.

  2. Nice digital render. Far cry from a real bike though. Why would anybody buy an little known brand with unproven quality and no dealer network for no significant savings? The Japanese brands brought real improvements in quality and performance vs. the established Euro and American brands. Plus they first succeeded in segments where the established players weren’t in. China Inc., not so much.

  3. Whenever I see “China” and “edgy” in the same sentence I instantly visualize unfinished cast parts of poor quality. You can’t sell crap for several years and then suddenly expect a consumer to believe your next product is not crap. That consumer confidence can be re-established over time however, as buyers have short memories it seems. But the quality has to really be there for that to happen. In the meantime, temporarily leaving the marketplace is not a bad idea.

  4. Well, if they make strides in the fit and finish of their motorcycles like they have in their ATV’s and side by sides they can make some inward progress. They are creeping in the market by offering fully loaded machines for the price of base models of the other guys. They support an endurance racing series in Quebec to try and showcase durability and ward off the “made in china” fog that covers them. I see more out around. Dealer is established and that helps.

    I think I remember the naked being around $6400 and a V Strom was closer to 7 at the time.

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