Now, there’s an AMA championship for snow biking

Christini snow bike

We’ve seen snow bikes take off in our market in the past few years, but apparently Canada still has some catching up to do in the US, with news that the American Motorcyclist Association has a new national championship for snow bikes.

There were AMA-sanctioned snow bike races last year, but not an official championship. Now, there’s a nine-event championship series, and the winners of the different classes will get a #1 plate from the AMA.

It sounds as if the races will be very similar to motocross layouts, unlike ice racing, which tends to be more similar to flat track or speedway but occasionally sees roadracing layouts as well.

And now it’s time to say it again: Where’s the Canadian equivalent? For all our Canuck posturing about our bravery in face of the cold, there’s very little ice racing in Canada, especially at the national level. Looks like the Yanks are about to beat us in the snow biking world too, with not one of these nine events scheduled to run in a Canadian town. What’s the matter, you hosers? Surely, with all the track kits sold in the past few years, there must be enough of us to put together a snow bike championship here in Canada too?

The official AMA press release is below:

AMA Snow Bike Series to award AMA National Championships for the first time in 2018
Seven-round series to kick off Dec. 9

PICKERINGTON, Ohio — After much success in its inaugural year sanctioning with the American Motorcyclist Association, the AMA Championship Snow Bike Series will be recognized as an AMA National Championship series in 2018, and will award AMA National No. 1 plates to the top finisher of each national class at the end of the seven-round series.

“We are excited to continue working with R & R Promotions to provide an AMA National Championship series for snow bike racers in 2018,” AMA Motocross Manager Ricky Rickords said. “The expansion of snow bike racing during the past year has been very promising, and we look forward to the continued growth and popularity of the sport in the future.”

The first round of the AMA Snow Bike National Championship Series kicks off on Dec. 9 in Hill City, Minn.

“We are very excited to become an AMA National Championship series,” R & R Promotions Owner Ron Dillon said. “We will continue working hard to grow the sport and provide high-quality racing events for all snow bike competitors.”

Snow bikes swap out wheels and knobby tires for a ski in front for steering, and a high-performance snowmobile-style track in the rear for traction. Riders compete on a motocross-inspired half-mile track of jumps, banks, right and left hand turns, and whoops.

For more information on the AMA Snow Bike National Championship Series, visit

2018 AMA Snow National Championship Bike Series:
Dec. 9: Hill City, Minn.
Jan. 19-20: Eagle River, Wis.
Jan. 27: McCall, Idaho
Feb. 10: Lake Tahoe, Nev.
Feb. 24: Kalispell, Mont.
March 11: West Yellowstone, Mont.
March 24: Diamond Lake, Ore.


  1. Snow bikes are not mainstream. Simple math considering we have the same interest level. USA has 10x our population and offer 7 races. That means Canada could support 0.7 of a single race!!

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