Video: Honda CB4 Interceptor concept bike

Honda’s CB4 Interceptor was one of the more interesting concepts at this year’s EICMA motorcycle industry show in Milan, and after the hype at the show, Honda’s released a video showing more of the bike.

Or, more specifically, a computer-generated image of the bike, which allegedly produces clean energy thanks to the wind turbine around its headlight. Remember, the original promo copy read “The front of the bike features a fan used to convert the motorcycle’s kinetic energy to power the touch-screen located on the tank. The screen provides constant connectivity, to allow the rider to follow the road through digital maps, make emergency calls or simply to connect devices.” Sounds like someone needs a lesson in thermodynamics. And how effective would that turbine be in stop-and-go traffic? And would it need a filter to keep bugs, etc., from jamming it and making it useless?

Fake environmentalism aside, the CB4 is definitely a looker, and probably the forerunner of a design movement to come.


  1. Glad to see CMG calling out Honda’s stupidity with that front turbine. So cringe-worthy.

    Rest of the bike is interesting though. While many of the features don’t appeal to me in particular (e.g. the proposed smart screen on the surface of the tank), there are some novel ideas in there, and assembled in a a sharp package to boot.

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