Indian now offers a factory big bore kit for Thunder Stroke 111 engine

The Thunder Stroke 111 is already a pretty beastly V-twin, even by today’s bigger-is-better standards. But Indian is now offering customers the option to take that engine to the next level, with a factory big bore kit.

The Thunder Stroke 111 comes in at 1819 cc, and puts out 102.4 ft-lb of torque (Indian doesn’t share its official horsepower ratings).  But now, slap on the Stage 3 Big Bore kit, and the V-twin is boosted to 1901 cc, and torque allegedly increases 15 per cent. That mysterious horsepower number, whatever it may be, is allegedly up 20 per cent.

The Stage 3 kit costs $2,579.99 in Canada; installation is extra. It includes new cylinders, cams, bigger pistons and a larger throttle body, plus other bits, and requires the bike owner to also purchase Indian’s accessory high-flow exhaust and air cleaners.


  1. Less than 5% increase in displacement. Most of the power increase comes from the rest of the kit. Wondering what that would cost and what the power increase would be.

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