Indian military sets new 58-rider motorcycle record


Canada has the Snowbirds, the US has the Blue Angels, and India has the Tornadoes.

But while those North American public relations teams focus on aerobatic stunts to boost the profile of the military, the Indian team is stuck hooning around on motorcycles instead of fighter jets. However, that hasn’t stopped them from grabbing headlines on their own, by cramming as many soldiers as possible aboard a motorcycle.

This week, the Tornadoes set a new world record by getting 58 soldiers aboard a motorcycle  beating their previous record of 56 riders, which they set in 2010.

There was no word on whether the motorcycle suspension was customized for the stunt … and no confirmation of a rumour that this wasn’t a record attempt at all, just a squad of infantryman forced to use their riding skills when they all had leave, but only one motorcycle on base. After all, it’s standard to see a family of five aboard a bike in India, along with some household goods or livestock. Maybe this was just a case of taking those ride-sharing skills a bit too far?


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