Sign up now for the 2018 Ice Run

The Adventurists are at it again, calling for sign-ups for the 2018 Ice Run.

In case you forgot about last time we talked about this, the Ice Run is a ripping adventure across Russia’s Lake Baikal aboard Ural sidecar rigs, in mid-winter. It’s organized by the Adventurists, a UK-based organization of bold geniuses who (as the name implies) have decided to inject a little adventure into the modern world. Sick and tired of cubicle life? The Adventurists can help, usually with the involvement of a crap vehicle, a remote and dangerous location, and of course, the registration fee.

The entry fee is £3795, divided between the two-man team. The Adventurists also ask participants to raise £1000 for charity,and there’s a £1000 deposit on the vehicle as well. There’s a full rundown of these fees and other costs at the Ice Run’s site here.

Of course, don’t sign up for this if you expect an easy-peasy holiday jaunt. As the website says, “there’s no pretending that these are reliable beasts, so expect to have a few repairs on route.” The route itself, across the frozen lake, is pretty much uncharted. Again, as per the site: “We don’t set a route, we just give you GPS co-ordinates of fuel drops and some particularly hazardous bits to avoid. Best not to get those two mixed up.

This time, the 2018 Ice Run takes place March 12-24 (so expect temperatures below -20 C). We haven’t heard of any Canadians signed up for the event, but if any readers are feeling ambitious and sign up, please let us know. Just make sure to send us some photos if you manage to lose your Ural sidecar in a crack in the Lake Baikal ice.

Find full details on the Ice Run and other madness offered by The Adventurists at their website. Remember, if mid-winter sidecar action isn’t your thing, you can also sign up to ride a monkey bike in Morocco, or a tuk-tuk in South America, or …

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