Is this the new Royal Enfield parallel twin?


According to the presenter in this YouTube vid, this is the new Royal Enfield parallel twin, set to debut tomorrow.

The featured engine is only a 650 cc motor, and all rumours had Royal Enfield about to debut a 750.

Is he full of it? Is this really what’s about to break cover? We’ll know for sure tomorrow, but it’s an attractive engine, and if Royal Enfield can assure customers that it has improved its quality, then it might prove a hot-selling ticket in the brand’s strong markets. It might even suck in some more customers who long for a return to days when motorcycle engines were designed with an eye towards aesthetic qualities, instead of the modern liquid-cooled lumps that run efficiently but look ugly.


  1. Beautiful bike. I owned a 2004 bonneville t100, and it had the right look and more than enough power. Unfortunately triumph has mad the new bonnevilles a better bike, but sacrificed the classic looks for a modern ugly mill…..and who needs 1200cc. The most beautiful and classic looking engines triumph had were the 795’s with the the black case and silver jugs and fins. So many times people came up and said how nice that old trumpet is, not realizing it was a 2004. Then they ruined it by going flat black (completely unoriginal), liquid cooled (don’t give me that shit about emissions as guzzi passes with the new air cooled v7ii), and jumping the displacement to 1200. Smaller displacements where you can access all the power without fear are so much more fun to ride. I’ve also owned many Harley’s and they are the most guilty for “measure you’re manhood with engine size”, and completely infinite the most fun model (sporty)…..any how, this new interceptor 650 has adequate power, the right can profile for sound, and they absolutes nailed the looks. If price is right, quality is good, and they market it properly…..triumph is about to see through loss of sales where they made a major error. My 2004 t100 was honestly one of my favourite bikes I’ve owned, but I’m very intrigued by this new enfield. If quality matches the looks…..I will have one

  2. It’s true for sure… just go on the official north america Royal Enfield Facebook…. they promoting this new engine a lot… And two news models will be annonce for this engine probably tomorow.

    On instagram Royal enfield say the new 648cc parallel twin have, 270 degre crank, air-oil cooled, 47 hp at 7100 rpm . 6 speed gearbox

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