Honda PCX Electric, PCX Hybrid could start a revolution

Here's what the big manufacturers have given us instead of electric superbikes: plain Jane battery-powered commuters.

The most revolutionary machine at the Tokyo show this week might not be Yamaha’s leaning three-wheeler. It might be one of Honda’s new scooters.

Honda took the wraps off the PCX Electric and PCX Hybrid at the show. They’re very similar, but the PCX Electric (above) uses a purely electric drivetrain, while the Hybrid version uses an electric motor, but has an gas motor that can power the scooter as well.

Details on the Hybrid are very scant, but the press release seems to indicate the scooter can be powered by the starter motor, which would assist a gasoline engine. The Gold Wings have long used the starter motor to propel them into reverse; this would be a twist on that idea, if we’re understanding the presser correctly.

The PCX Electric is much more interesting. This uses a Honda-designed electric motor, powered by the detachable Honda Mobile Power Pack. This would mean that the battery could be removed to be charged inside a workplace, or swapped for a fresh battery, or even easily replaced with a more efficient unit down the road. Presumably, this is the same battery pack that Honda has been developing with Yamaha.

The PCX Electric is supposed to sell in Japan and the Asian market next year.


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  1. With power output of 0.98 kW (from Honda’s own press release) this scooter has nothing in common with PCX. Seriously disappointing. I hope it’s a typo.

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