BBC’s Road Riders series headed to DVD soon


Photo: BBC

We missed it the first time around, but BBC put out a three-series show on Irish street circuit racing earlier this year, and it’s headed to DVD next month.

Called Road Riders, the series “captures the lives and passions of the men, women and families who populate the extraordinary world of Irish road racing.” Anyone who knows their way around YouTube’s motorcycle content knows that calling Irish road racing “extraordinary” is a big understatement.

While the Irish races aren’t as well-known as the Isle of Man TT (at least not here in North America), they’re every bit as exciting, if not as romanticized.

Trouble is, it’s hard to watch the racing here in North America, so if you’ve got an interest in hard-core street riding, you have to typically figure a way around BBC’s regional blocker (just head over to the BBC website for an example of this: Canadian viewers can’t even watch the preview for this series). So, this DVD release of the series might be quite welcome to serious roadracing fans, although you may have to make sure the DVD will work in your player before buying, as there could be regional differences.

The BBC’s website has more details on the show; the DVDs are supposed to be released sometime in November (more info at Kaleidoscope).


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