Report: Yamaha planning on hot-rodded FZ-09


The latest new-model gossip says Yamaha is about to introduce an upgraded version of the FZ-09.

Visordown is calling the new machine the MT-09 SP; here in Canada, if it made it to our shores, that would translate to the FZ-09 SP,  since the MT line bears the FZ label here. Supposedly, it will be built along the same idea as the MT-10 SP (which hasn’t arrived in Canada yet), with upgraded suspension and new styling, but the same horsepower.

Visordown doesn’t tell us where they get their information from, so it’s possible the whole thing is apocryphal. If it really is coming, we’d expect to see it at the EICMA show in Milan next month.

Even if the machine does make it to production, Canadian buyers should probably hold off on the excitement, at least for now, as the MT-10 SP still hasn’t made it to our market, and we haven’t heard of it coming in any time soon.

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