The latest CoverGirl? Roadracer Shelina Moreda


The CoverGirl cosmetics brand has hired roadracer Shelina Moreda as its latest celebrity model, in what might be one of the biggest PR moves for motorcycling in many years.

We haven’t talked about Moreda on CMG before because she’s an American racer, and our focus is Canada, but she’s had a very respectable career (see some of her highlights here). She has considerable experience in MotoAmerica as well as some international events, including the same Pan Delta series in China that Canadian ex-pat Dan Kruger raced in. She’s also an experienced riding instructor.

As for CoverGirl, some readers may know all about the brand already, and others, if you’re interested, can find out more here. Suffice to say, it’s a massive company, and if you’re chosen to represent CoverGirl, you’ve hit the big time. Christie Brinkley has had a contract there forever; Katy Perry has repped for CoverGirl, along with Taylor Swift, Drew Barrymore, and a long list of other rich and famous female celebrities.

So, it’s a big deal for Moreda to be chosen to represent CoverGirl, as she’ll now be a figure that symbolizes success and glamour … and she just happens to be a motorcycle racer.

Frankly, this is exactly the kind of PR that roadracing needs, and motorcycle needs in general. With crowds diminishing at the track, motorcycle racing has little of the buzz it held in the 1970s and 1980s, when even North American riders were considered celebrities. And motorcycle sales to women are still terrible, with the manufacturers not reaching anywhere close to their potential, despite growth in recent years. A lot of the existing promotion of motorcycles towards females tends to push them towards the cruiser world, riding around with a “badass” attitude.

Moreda’s contract with CoverGirl could change a lot of that. She’s a role model for any rider who wants to push their limits, but especially for a female who curious about motorcycles, but not the faux gangster attitude that is pushed on the cruiseratti. Instead of a female being exposed to motorcycles through a male family member or friend, they’re now able to encounter a very successful and competent motorcyclist in a magazine or other media format aimed specifically at women.


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