Honda developing a self-balancing electric bike

Honda is working on a self-balancing electric motorcycle that will debut late in October.

The machine (called the Riding Assist-E) looks like the offspring of a Honda Rebel and a Transformer, and is aimed at the beginner market. It seems to indicate an electrifying future for Honda, as it’s doesn’t appear to be aimed at simple around-the-block bumbling and other commuter duties. So far, Japan’s electric bikes have all been fairly humble, but this machine looks like it has the bones to build a more exciting machine.

But, sticking to what we know: Honda says the machine will self-balance at low speeds, but otherwise, the system is hands-off and lets the rider run the show. And, it will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, which opens October 27.

And, back to speculation: check out that bulky swingarm! What could Honda have hidden in there? A driveshaft? There’s no chain or belt drive visible. Or maybe Honda used hub motors? And, there’s a mysterious photo of the dash showing the bike is in “Mode 4.” Does this refer to power output, or level of stability control, or … ?

All will be revealed in a few week’s time, and we can’t wait. The future for Big Red looks very, very interesting.


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  1. To my eye the style is not bad. Just not interested in needless technological complexity. The narrow shape is welcomed. Of course the “adventurers” will probably bolt on a dozen 5 foot wide crash bars to go cruisin’.

    • Who’s asking for these bikes? Maybe, older riders who had to brake down and buy a trike because they didn’t want to give up motorcycles? I’d buy a car before buying a trike.

    • Not the 1st Gen…but with a USB 5.0/WIFi upgrade and flash and…the kaboomvroom audio upgrade, you’ll be able to download any sound and play back at numerous decibel levels…sounds like H2 triple rice ratttle rattle, Yamaha chainsaw RD ring dings and a plethora of many other nostalgic and annoying sounds…

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