Motorcycle dash cam with live streaming unveiled in China

New Atlas had somebody at the China International Motorcycle Fair this week, and that means we get a look at a very interesting dash cam system designed for bikes.

There’s a lot of tech packed in the HFK HM601 DVR, with front- and rear-facing cameras (made by Sony) that record 60fps 1080p footage, as well as GPS data logging and a three-axis collision sensor. And most interestingly of all, the camera system can integrate with an Android or iOS device and live-stream images or video.

Obviously, a simple dash cam system is valuable for many motorcyclists, but the ability to live broadcast would be particularly interesting to racers and vloggers.

Head over to New Atlas for more photos and discussion of the device’s features. Should this device become available in North America, we’re guessing it will be quickly adopted by many YouTube personalities, and possibly even become quite popular with urban commuters who want to record their day-to-day interactions with cagers.


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