Kawasaki KLX250 dual sport confirmed for Canadian market

Kawasaki has confirmed the KLX250 dual sport will be returning to Canada for 2018.

The KLX250 was sold in Canada for several years, replacing the Super Sherpa and KLR250 in Team Green’s lineup. Unlike much of the budget dual sport competition in the 250 class, the KLX had fully adjustable suspension front and rear, and was easily big-bored with over-the-counter Kawasaki parts (a Kawasaki ATV cylinder was a direct bolt-on replacement).

The returning machine still has adjustable suspension (16-way adjustable forks and shock), but big-boring might be more tricky, as the new machine is fuel injected, not carbureted, which means it will be harder to tinker with for the average enthusiast.

However, the basic package is pretty similar to the older model. There’s a 21-inch front wheel, 18-inch rear wheel, a 250 mm front brake disc, a 240 mm rear brake disc, and 285 mm of ground clearance. Front suspension travel is 255 mm, and rear suspension travel is 230 mm.

The engine itself is a liquid-cooled single cylinder (with electroplated cylinder walls). The transmission is a six-speed, and Kawasaki says the shift drum has been updated for smoother use.

Here’s the camo version, available for $200 more.

So, all in all, the incoming model looks very similar to the bike that was discontinued a few years ago, but there are some minor improvements that should interest customers. The time is certainly right for a machine like this, as 250 dual sports are getting more attention from buyers than they have in a while, just as the mini-adventure bike boom is also taking off.

Pricing starts at $5,599 for the Lime Green version of the bike, and $5,799 for the Matrix Camo Gray version. That’s in the same range as the bike’s biggest competition, the Honda CRF250L, which starts at $5,599 as well, but has no suspension adjustability.

Although it’s a 2018 model, Kawasaki says the KLX250 is available in Canada immediately.



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