Suzuki displays retro-themed concepts at AIME

Suzuki has brought its retro-themed concepts into the public eye again, showing them off at AIME show in Columbus, Ohio, this weekend.

The first, the SV650X (seen above), is a development of the SV650-based scrambler that made the rounds last show season, popping up at EICMA and the Tokyo show.

That tasty little machine has now morphed into a cafe racer; if produced, it might be the first Suzuki factory cafe since the old GS450-based machine it produced in the 1980s.

For now, Suzuki has made no promises on production, only saying that it plans to gauge customer reaction.

Is Suzuki interested in building retro machines again? This scramblerized V-Strom could be fun.

The other interesting retro machine is this scrambler that Giant Loop Moto owner Harold Cecil spotted (we pinched the photo off his Instagram page).

Harold says this machine is based on a V-Strom 650 platform, which makes sense, as that bike would be much more offroad-worthy than an SV650, and would make a much better scrambler.


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    • If you look below the gas tank on the pic at the top, you will see a bit of plastic that looks like a cafe racer faring as it connects visually with the headlight fairing. VoilĂ , cafe racer!! That’ll cost you an extra $1000 dollars.

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