Tacita T-Cruiser to take on North American market


The Tacita T-Cruiser will debut at this fall’s AIME motorcycle show, hinting at a plan to take on the North American market.

Tacita is one of the many Euro battery bike manufacturers that we rarely profile on CMG because they don’t typically bother bringing their wares to North America.

In Canada and the US, there isn’t the same appreciation for motorcycles that’s seen in Europe, and certainly not the same interest in electric  motorcycles, partly because riders here envision traveling further distances than their Euro counterparts, whether that’s true or not. The stereotypical North American dream of blasting across a desert landscape on a chopper does not include stops every 150 km to recharge a battery.

But Tacita seems interested in tackling the market anyway. Tacita has already expanded from Italy to several other European countries, and has taken its ambition as far as participation in the Merzouga Rally. Tacita is the first electric manufacturer to complete a Dakar-sanctioned rally event. Obviously, it has its sights set high, and seems to intend to sell vehicles that are capable of more than mere virtue signaling.

Details for the new T-Cruiser model are slim, although we’re sure we’ll know more after the bike’s debut at the AIME show (in Columbus, Ohio this year, Sept. 21-24). After its unveiling, if Tacita announces US and (hopefully) Canadian distributors, results could be interesting, depending on price. Harley-Davidson’s electric bike is still months, if not years, away, and this could be the only battery-powered cruiser on the market for a while.



  1. Bring it on! The growth of electronics on motorcycles has exploded already. Why not take the next logical evolutionary step. Change is constant. Torque and maintenance should improve.

  2. Just the thing for getting back and forth to Starbucks ?

    And how are you going to make your presence known with LOUD PIPES ?

    Another answer to a question that nobody asked….

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