That moment, when your Kawi H2 blows up

Catastrophic engine failure always sucks (that’s why they call it “catastrophic”), but it’s even worse when you’re going well north of 200 km/h. But that’s what happened here, and the rider survived just fine.

This YouTuber was ripping on his Kawasaki H2 when he threw a rod at a claimed 188 mph. Ouch. It seems the only fluids he lost were from his engine, although if he soiled his trousers, we wouldn’t have blamed him.

Now he’s facing an expensive problem; these machines aren’t cheap to rebuild. We’ve actually heard of H2Rs (the non street-legal version) languishing in warehouses, as the owners can’t afford the highly expensive engines. This rider may be more lucky, as the H2 carries a 12-month unlimited mileage warranty. Hopefully he kept up with his scheduled oil changes …


  1. 18 liters of fuel per kilometer? and an Ecoboost that uses 17 liters per kilometer? Dude!

    THIS is why I will NEVER own a Ford. The fuel bill is way over the top no matter how cheap and dirty the truck is.

    • Ignorance of product is the reason you’ll never own a Ford. (Ànd we are grateful for that) It’s 18 kilometers per liter, not the other way around. I assume you’re a Chevy boy!! ; )

  2. The ‘too expensive to rebuild’ issue applies to most vehicles. A blown turbo in a Chevy Cruz or a fuel pump in an f150 is close to $10 k. The manufacturers are forced to push up the EPA rating no matter what the cost. I have a 25 year old pickup that uses 18 l/km. A new Ecoboost gets 17 l/km.

  3. Slightly disappointing, the title of this should be “That moment, when the engine stops running and you coast to a stop.”

    I didn’t see any engine parts flying across the screen…

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