New world-class roadracing track planned for Northern Ireland

The dream for a new international roadracing track in the UK might not be over yet, with plans underway for a new circuit in Northern Ireland.

For several years, everyone expected the next great British track to be the Circuit of Wales. However, while MotoGP approved of the new track, the local government wouldn’t guarantee the support funding that builders were hoping for, and that project was canceled earlier this year.

Now, there might be hope for Northern Island to develop its own track at Lake Torrent. Planners there have a scheme to build a 12-turn, 3.59-km track on a 157-acre site. Along with the roadracing track, there would be garage and hospitality facilities, as required for racing weekends. The track would be made to accommodate 30,000 fans, and would be accessible within two hours from most of Northern Ireland.

If all goes well, the track will be completed by the spring of 2019; there’s no word yet as to whether World Superbike is seriously considering scheduling races there, but given the bike-mad racing fans of the area, it’s likely to be a popular venue.

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