A note from the publisher

Those aluminum panniers sure look waterproof, but if you bang them up a bit, they can be leaky.

Dear CMGers,

The response to the notice I posted last week has been overwhelmingly positive – thank you to everyone who wrote in.

We have some great options that we’re working on to continue to deliver quality content to our readers, and we’ll need some time to work out the details.

Check back here soon to see what we’re doing!

Have a great Labour Day weekend!

Be safe and have tonnes of fun,

Courtney Hay
Canada Moto Guide


  1. Only having recently rediscovered your publication – and hearing of Rob’s passing – I truly hope you will persevere. All the best!

  2. Courtney;

    I’m not quite sure what you mean by “Check back here soon to see what we’re doing!.” Will you continue to send weekly posts/updates to current list members, or do we have to check in, individually??

    —Dave Mazz

  3. I am optimistic that CMG will prevail. Sponsors present and new should recognize the benefits of being associated with your publication. I have made many of my purchasing decisions based on articles and forum discussions on this great Canadian website. ??

  4. I really hope that all will turn out for the best of all. Times are changing, we have to adapt. But i’m not ready for thinkng about the good old days when refering to CMG.

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