Loud pipes law coming to Newfoundland

The reality is that a loud exhaust might actually raise your level of danger, by submitting you to noise fatigue.

Quickly escalating hostilities in the city of St. Johns, Newfoundland, have led to a government crackdown on loud pipes.

Last week, we mentioned a public meeting at city hall in St. Johns, where residents of the Signal Hill neighbourhood gathered to complain about loud pipes in their part of town. A few local riders responded by convening on the neighbourhood to rev their exhausts, beep their horns, and generally make themselves unpleasant and unpopular.

So, this week, we have a statement from the DMV and Royal Newfoundland Constabulary: Come fall, they’re going to ask MLAs to increase fines for motorcyclists with modified exhausts. They’re hoping to see fines rise to $20 to $100 for first-time offenders, CBC reports, and $90 to $170 for repeat offenders.

What’s unclear is whether this law will only affect riders with loud motorcycles, or anybody on a bike with an aftermarket exhaust, regardless of its noise output. The first scenario is probably inevitable; the second scenario would certainly be a kick in the pants for many riders, as aftermarket exhausts are one of the most popular accessories for many riders.


  1. I have a motorcycle my self and very quiet noise level and I ride it in respect to people.

    I say the fines are not big enough and should add a a zero to it and 3 point off

    If after 15 days the fine is not paid the motorcycle drivers class is removed for 6 month and motorcycle sent to dog pound at owners expence for the 1st offence. Double fine, points and time for following offences. After 3 strikes motorcycle driving class is lost forever and you dare ride again then it’s acriminal record and 10 years firm.

  2. The ruckus in the St. John’s metro area at Signal Hill last week was caused by a select group of irresponsible “squids” which had the effect of unfairly targeting all motorcyclists.

    The “loud pipe” issue is again generally caused by a handful of egotistical idiots who like to bounce off of the office towers in the downtown area … most local motorcyclists, even those with aftermarket exhausts are responsible Riders.

    As pointed out, “noise pollution” comes in many forms … lawn mowers & snow blowers at early/late hours, snowmobiles with the exhausts cut off, weekend party animals, etc. etc. but once again motorcyclists get the bad rap because of a few arseholes.

  3. No issue with new laws so long as its based on decibel level. If its based on just having an aftermarket exhaust then it will be challenged. The new laws should also focus on cars and trucks too. Just think of all the the boomy Civics!!

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