CMG set to end publication


Dear CMG Readers,

This is the note I never wanted to write.

Over the last 15 months I’ve done my utmost, under the circumstances, as Publisher in Rob’s place, for Canada Moto Guide to continue to deliver motorcycle content that is current, original, timely and relevant to Canadian riders and enthusiasts. We’ve been able to achieve this in the last year thanks to our excellent editorial team, which includes Mark, Zac, Costa, Michael, Larry, and the many freelancers who have contributed for over 20 years, and the tech and sales background team with Kelly, Olivier, and, always, Patrick. There have also been many friends and family who have acted as advisors and helped in myriad ways through this transitional period.

It is so evident that CMG holds a very, very special place in the hearts of its devoted readership, and an integral place in motojournalism in Canada. Because of that, and given the current state of online news in the world, it’s been paramount to continue Rob’s legacy of honest and objective (and entertaining) reporting at CMG from real motojournalists, contributors and writers who are paid for their work. But across the board in Canada,  digital and print publishing companies are struggling to keep afloat in the ever-murkier space between content and advertising. The business model that Rob had for many years, and that Rob and I together had in recent years — the excellent relationships with Canadian OEMs who placed direct advertising at CMG without ever demanding or even suggesting any editorial control — is, most regretfully, at its tail end.

Digital publications now need to have many revenue sources beyond direct advertising and must be on the front edge of technology and current marketing strategies to survive, let alone thrive. Staying on top of the constantly changing business model was part of my job when Rob was the Publisher and Editor — we were building a great business and it was fun, exciting, and very fulfilling. But this transition year has proved to be enough of a personal difficulty that it will take a new Publisher and/or owner who has the resources (mostly time and passion) to live and breathe this wonderful Canadian magazine in the way it needs to get back to its full potential.

If you think you are that Publisher, please send me a letter, to, by September 1, 2017. I know it’s a short timeline, and I know we will very possibly have to say goodbye to CMG if that date comes and goes with no new Publisher. Sometimes we have to say goodbye even when we don’t want to.

Until then ride safely and have tonnes of fun,

Courtney Hay

Publisher, Canada Moto Guide


  1. If I close my eyes will it make what I just read go away?

    I will pay $100 per year subscription as long as I get a cheesy CMG t-shirt every Christmas.


  2. Wow. This comes as a huge shock. I just want to say thanks to our dear Rob and Zac for giving me an opportunity to contribute with my Tokyo Motorcycle Show series of articles. Getting to give back to the community was a cherished gift that I will never forget.

    GL in the future, CMG. May a big wallet breathe life into the revenue stream.

  3. Thank you to everyone for the time and effort bringing the best Canadian perspective on motorcycles to all of us. I still remember the fun of riding store to store looking for paper copies. All of you have been a great influence on this 2 wheeled habit of mine 😀

  4. Courtney,

    I’m so sad to read this news and can only hope CMG doesn’t come to and end. I can’t imagine though, how difficult the past 15 months have been. Rob’s loss was a shock to us all, but more so for you and your girls. This decision is obviously not an easy one.

    I am grateful for knowing Rob and meeting you when I was east. I’m also grateful for all that CMG has been over the years and the experiences it brought. It has been the better part of 2 decades that I have been reading CMG, and lurking in the forum. The forum has been entertaining, but more importantly, I have met many good friends and had a lot of great experiences because of it. From pub nights to annual Bewdley spring rides, from exploring suggested touring routes in PA to riding to James Bay in northern QC, all because of CMG. Rob built something unique within the Canadian motorcycle community and it would be a great loss.

    Thank you for your efforts, and many thanks to all the contributors over the years.

    Courtney, whatever the outcome for CMG, I wish you and your family all the best in future.

    aka 2tall

  5. noo! one of the reasons i have my current bike was because of a review on this site! this is a great resource for new and experienced riders alike. hopefully it can still be saved.

  6. So sad to hear!

    Thank you so much for everything you guys have done. It was a pleasure to meet you and Rob and everyone else at FAR 15 and 16.

    If CMG goes, it will be missed 🙁

  7. This sucks. CMG was my only outlet after I got banned from Canadian Biker and MX Forum. How can I share my insights with the world?

  8. Hopefully news of CMG’s demise is greatly exaggerated.

    Sad times, but the brave new world we’re in is a continuing experiment as to what people value and what they’ll pay for. Let’s hope things shake out to see CMG emerge as a viable publication.

  9. Well … SHIT … this has been a great place to visit … thank you everyone who has been part of this great magazine. I used to argue with ‘arris that paper magazines are my preference but I came around to totally appreciating an online site such as CMG where stories are told and folks can make comments and the news is fresh and the humour paramount. I wish everyone at CMG the best for the future.

  10. It has been so great to follow this site and the Canadian content has been wonderful. Very sad to see this resource go down.

  11. So very sad to hear this news. Even though I’m in North Carolina USA, I’ve enjoyed your site for years and plan to be a snowbird in Nova Scotia in the near future. The articles/stories/reviews and general freshness of the site will be sorely missed. I hope someone with the means can keep CMG going.

  12. Well, that’s a shame. I’ve been coming to this site for about as long as there’s been site to come to.
    Got to meet Rob, Larry, and some of the others once or twice over the years. Made some good friends from the Soapbox.

    But I understand that keeping a think like this going is a lot of work, and you really need to be committed and want to do it to put in that level of work.

    Canada’s moto scene will certainly be the poorer for the passing of CMG.

    Thanks to everyone who’s kept it going this long.

  13. Thank you for keeping it going this long – it’s not the easiest thing in the world at the best of times, and the last year certainly hasn’t been that. But you have to do what is best for you and your family – and sometimes that means changing directions.

    Still seems like yesterday I was chatting to Rob about an article and now we’re looking at CMG closing. Hard to process – but I’m grateful for what CMG (and Rob, and Courtney, and the others) has done for the Canadian motorcycling community, and we’re all better off for what has come out its (virtual) pages.

    All the best,

    Jamie Leonard

  14. Very sad news. Hoping the stars may yet align and CMG can continue to operate…

    Have you considered a Patreon campaign? I think you have a fairly large set of readers, many of whom would likely be happy to pitch in a few dollars on a recurring basis (at a level of their own choosing), which collectively might be sufficient to keep the site afloat.

    Food for thought.

  15. Tough choice Courtney but one I can understand. Do what is best for you and your family.

    Good thoughts being sent from the West Coast.

  16. Very sad to hear this. I have been a loyal reader and follower for many years and always liked the different perspective this publication brought to the table.

  17. Sorry to hear this, although not shocked. I pay about 200 bucks a year to watch MotoGP new and old races. Money well spent, yet I pay nothing for the best Motorcycle content on the web, from a Canadian perspective. I am happy to pay to on line subscribe because traditional advertising is going the way of the travel agent. Cam

  18. Would a fundraiser help? I would be happy to donate money if it had a chance at saving CMG. I have read every article here since about the turn of the millenium.

  19. This is such sad news I met Rob a couple of times at various bike shows. To read about the possible end of CMG is gut wrenching.

  20. Rob last year, now CMG.
    So sorry to hear Courtney. It was a valiant effort by everyone there.
    If it’s any consolation, meeting Rob and getting involved with so many things CMG, has given me some great friends and amazing experiences I never would otherwise have had.
    I’m eternally grateful.

    I wish you and your children all the best.

    -Anthony Stagliano

  21. This website and format was so fresh when I found it years ago, I’ve enjoyed so many stories… I wish this could go on forever.

    If it truly is the end, a heartfelt thank you to all the writers and hard working staff.
    You really did make a difference.

  22. I am truly saddened by this news Courtney, and I cannot begin to imagine how heartbreaking it was to write.

    The times are a’changin’ and I don’t like it one bit.


  23. I hope CMG survives. I met Rob and Sonic at Centennial College when they were teaching a basic motorcycle maintenance course. Great bunch of guys. At that time CMG was printed and was in the start phase of on-line publishing. The contribution to the motorcycle community in Canada cannot be underestimated.

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