DCT EVO upgrade announced for Canadian Panigale riders

If the hype is backed up by real-world performance, Ducati's 1199 Panigale could help the company to fantastic growth again in 2012.

Software updates are here for motorcycles, with Ducati announcing the availability of its DCT EVO electronics package for older Panigale models.

According to Ducati’s media rep, the software upgrade will cost Canadian riders $606.58. For your money, you’ll get a more refined electronic stability system that should theoretically allow for better control.

Some riders might not be excited about paying for a software update, but their bikes will work just fine without it; it’s not like the upgrades you see in the world of computers and phones, where updates are necessary to ward off viruses and hackers. The update simply enables the older electronics to perform the same function as the most up-to-date systems. Will this be an added money-maker for the OEMs going forward? It’ll be an interesting story to follow, and you can bet the other manufacturers are watching closely to see how successful this move is for Ducati.



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