Fundy Adventure Rally set to run this weekend

The challenges of riding off-road mean you should bring along extra tools and supplies. Last year's Fundy Adventure Rally proved this, as several riders ended up with water in their gearbox, requiring fresh oil.

Registration is closed, and the Fundy Adventure Rally is set to run this weekend.

The Fundy Adventure Rally is a Canada Moto Rallies event that takes riders through 500 kilometres of New Brunswick’s backwoods, on gravel roads and trails. It’s designed for adventure riders of all talent levels, and is now in its fourth year. You can find more details about it in our CMG archives.

This year, CMG’s managing editor Zac Kurylyk will be kicking around the rally, finishing up one of his New Year’s Resolutions by running the event for the first time. Word is, he’s going to dig one of his oil-burning thumpers out of the shed, so if you see a bike running down a New Brunswick gravel road laying down a smokescreen, that might be him.

Eric Russell, FAR rallymaster, says this is the biggest rally ever. Along with the usual demo rides and rider training, the BMW GS Challenge (BMW’s in-house competition for adventure bikes) runs over the weekend as well, so it’s worth stopping by if you’re riding in Atlantic Canada.

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